Since its incorporation in 1984, Kordalski Architects Inc. has provided creative design solutions to a wide variety of architectural, space planning and interior projects. The firm never enters into a project with any preconceived ideas, but rather develops a design based upon the client's needs, budget and image. Every project is treated with the same attention to detail, regardless of size.

Key to the success of our work is the true partnership of firm and client. The end result: a design concept and implementation program that minimizes constraints and maximizes potential.


It is a paradox that making a space needlessly complicated takes less effort than designing a space that is simple and straightforward. Simple solutions, however, create the nicest spaces. They are worth the effort.

All spaces should have a clear design concept and aesthetic evident in the completed work - strictly functional space is not enough. Most importantly, people should enjoy visiting, living or working in the spaces we create.


We offer a range of architectural services; including programming, pre-lease space/systems evaluation studies, test fit plans, construction documents, bidding, construction observation, finish/color selections and furniture specification/procurement. Engineering services are offered through consultants, with the needs of the project dictating the choice.

Guiding principles of our approach:

  • Don't over-design beyond the clients' needs
  • Start with a team relationship between architect and client - from programming through design - to end up with a successful, satisfying project
  • Creative work environments are not luxuries - they're necessities
  • Client service is as important as the completed project
  • The client's money should be spent with the same regard as we spend our own